Quadcopter Swarm Research Team #32

Desgin and build a system that is capabable of flying multiple quadcopters in a given area all at the same time

This project is focused on developing a multi-quadcopter platform based upon the electronics from CrazyFlie. This platform will then be used as an experimental testbed for swarm dynamics algorithms.


List and explain project goals.

  • Extending the CrazyFlie electronics to larger quadcopters - This will involve market research to choose quadcopter hardware, and then system integration of all the hardware.

  • Develop Communications Network Between CrazyFlies - This will involve modification of the existing CrazyFlie firmware (in C) to allow for inter-quadcopter communication.

  • Improvements to Existing GUI - This will involve improving the existing multi-quadcopter control interface (in C++) to be more user friendly and to run more efficiently.